WTH are entities not added to energy integration automatically?

To be selectable in the energy integration, entities must fulfill certain criteria.
Why not add all entities that meet these criteria automatically?

Much easier to ignore than to not have. Much faster to remove via button than to add via dropdown.

Thank you

I have heaps of energy sensors, I am only interested in including a few of them. That would be a chore.

And opt-in should be preferred over opt-out in software development.

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That is actually pretty simple answer at this point. Of course er do know if it is an valid energy sensor, but we don’t know what is represents.

For example, it could be a device providing multiple energy sensors (which is not uncommon) which one to use?

Or, your solar panel also provides energy sensors, how would it know where to put it?

Electricity meters also provide energy sensors, but these are definitely not devices…

The problem is thus: just knowing they are energy, isn’t enough context.



I understand, but I would guess that people have far more consumers than sources of energy.
Me personally, I would like to track all.

Maxbe an option would be to either

  • create a list of all available sensors and let the user select them with check boxes
  • only show available sensors in the drop down that are not yet included
  • add a monitor all option

That is what we currently do… exactly that. So that makes your suggestion done :wink:

@frenck: so, it does not seem to work because I always see all. That’s why I suggested it.

Did a quick retry. I can even add them multiple times.


@frenck , @tom_l :
I also tried adding to the grid.

There I also see the sensors even after adding them. But there re-adding is blocked.

Nevertheless, the mentioned removal from dropdown pnce added does not seem to work.

It could work like dashboards. Autogen by default (add all entities that meet the criteria), user can choose to take control and list the ones they want

It cannot, please the message you replied on. Context is missing.

It could be done, if we added constructs that integrations can provide needed context, this has been discussed before, but not decided on and also not implemented.

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Please see my above emails.
You said the problem was solved because entries are not listed after adding them. But as seen in my two posts above, this is not the case.

So I would still see the two options of

  • auto add all and have user remove manually (same as dashboard approach)
  • remove entities from dropdown after adding them to speed up the process (especially since you can readd the same device over and over… see above).

Sorry I didn’t mean to imply it was easy if that’s how it came across. Just was trying to suggest an approach that might make both parties happy. People that want to keep it simple and see all energy entities in their energy dashboard and people that want to select their subset. I realize there’s plenty of work to do though.

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Yeah tested this one this weekend. I was pretty sure it was filtered already; but apparently not. This should be relatively easy to do


Hello @frenck
it probably slipped your mind, so I created an issue on github for you

Still not fixed.
It even allows re-adding existing devices

The energy dashboard was meant well but it is clearly quite buggy and could use more useful features.

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And the best thing:
they show up multiple times with different values