WTH are HA elements (add-ons, plugins, Home Assistant Supervisor entities) not automatically assigned to a "Home Assistant" area?

I know it’s possible in templates to get a list of the entities from a particular integration, and I know I can assign each device/entity to an area, but it would be useful to assign all the Home Assistant elements to the same area for useful sorting in the UI.

Since areas are meant to represent physical locations, I can see why the HA team chose not to do this.

For that reason, I’m waiting for labels to be implemented (see Why do areas only have one tier? - #2 by frenck), which will cover these use-cases. Hopefully, they will add a default “Home Assistant” label as you mentioned.

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Yes, it makes sense—but as these are digital entities I’d still like them grouped into the same digital area :smiley: