WTH are line cross events not supported with ONVIF?

The only thing still not working in my home since I migrated from OpenHAB to HA is to trigger my front door light using my camera. The line cross event, part of the ONVIF standard and supported by my camera, is perfect for that. It can detect people coming into my front yard and unlike regular PIR detection the range can be defined very precisely. However, to my surprise, the ONVIF integration in HA does not support this :frowning:

I would expect quite a lot of people to integrate their camera’s into Home Assistant, and possibly use more advanced features than just movement alerts. Or is a line cross alarm still pretty exotic? My Dahua camera is 3 years old and supports this…

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The line crossing detection can be very useful in many situations like in gate that do not have sensor. I’m surprised that people do not ask for this feature.