WTH are raised sun screens highlighted?

I want them to stand out when closed, instead of all the times when there is no sun

Edit: added screenshots

For my shutters it shows different icons for up/down, not highlighting something. I would expect something similar for sunscreens as they are both covers.

Could you maybe add a screenshot and mention the integration to make it a bit clearer what you mean?

Thanks, added some screenshots, hopefully it’s clear what I mean now.

Ah, yes that indeed looks weird.
Not sure why I am not seeing the yellow highlights, maybe because I modified the dashboard color?

Related from last month of WTH: WHY THE HECK can't we freely configure a Cover to interpret its percentage value as "percentage open" or "percentage closed"?

Covers seem to be treated just like lights:
100% → highlighted
0% → not highlighted
That’s fine, but lots of users disagree what 100% should mean for covers.

I think “Color icons based on state?” (state_color: true) is disabled by default.

Ah yes, that seems to be it. After a bit of searching it looks like its default value was changed at some point long ago.