WTH are there not events for scripts reloaded, groups reloaded etc?

Similar to the automation_reloaded event.

It takes a while for anything to reload on my poor rPi3 so I use the automation_reloaded event to send a toast notification to the UI so I know when I can test my changes. I’m left guessing when scripts, groups or anything else has actually reloaded.

I just ran into this need with the new “reload template” ability… I have an automation that triggers after reloading my template sensors… it has a condition to prevent it from firing after a restart… but that doesn’t work when I “reload template sensors” it would be nice to have an event that could be monitored so if it was a manual reload it doesn’t fire the automatons…

I found a stupid simple solution to this for scripts.

- id: system_scripts_reloaded
  alias: "[System] Scripts Reloaded"
  description: "Log entry, browser notification when scripts are reloaded."
  initial_state: true
  mode: single
  max_exceeded: silent
    - platform: state
      entity_id: script.activate_scene # this can be any script

    - service: system_log.write
        message: "**** Scripts have been reloaded. ****"
        level: critical

    - service: browser_mod.toast # browser mod integration required
        message: "**** Scripts have been reloaded. ****"
        duration: 30000

does any one know if it has been implemened incl other configuration sections like mqtt ?

i would hazard a guess not as the WTH is still open. They were closing off those that were implemented

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