WTH are these UI quirks still a thing in the iOS app?

I have a visual impairment, so the combination of these 3 “quirks” really bugs me every time I want to use the HA iOS App:

1. Font-Size not following the system setting
In iOS, it is possible to specify a desired system font size. Not all apps support that, but the ones who do are definitely the coolest - hope HomeAssistant will be one of them soon :wink:

2. 3-finger-double-tap to turn on magnification interpreted by the app
In iOS, to engage / disengage full-screen magnification, a 3-finger-double-tap is used. This is a system-wide thing that, as far as I understand, should be handled by the OS. However, the HomeAssistant app seems to be the only one capturing and reacting to the 3-finger-double-tap almost all the time. So whenever I’m on a dashboard trying to find the right light switch and 3-finger-double-tap to be able to read the tiny labels, I end up inadvertently tapping, navigating to the details of one of the dashboard’s elements. That one is incredibly annoying!

3. Dashboards scrolling back to the top whenever the app was in the background
Often times, when I want to control a specific device manually, I end up needing to control the same device shortly after. For example, a light I’ve turned off when I started watching TV, I might want to turn back on when I’m done watching TV (yeah, automation, I know, but it’s just for the story ;-)). I found that when the HomeAssistant iOS app has been in the background for some time, it reloads the dashboard it’s on and this navigates back to the top of the dashboard instead of staying scrolled down where it was. Having to scroll and search the desired entity again is pretty annoying, especially on bigger dashboards…

With :heart: - keep up the great work, guys! :slight_smile: