WTH Areas not assignable to all entities in HA

Some of these WTH’s got me thinking about how I use HA and areas. Unless I can assign areas to every entity I will unlikely ever use it. I have over a thousand entities in HA and I deliberately use a prefix naming system to provide this functionality though glob and templates.

The only entities that have areas currently are the ones that are added as devices through to the integrations. At a guess this might be 25-30%.
It is highly unlikely I will get to the 80-100% needed to make areas useable anytime soon.

An example do this is a template heater I have.
This controls a Esphome switch device using a deconz temperature sensor device, both have areas. The ping from UniFi for the esphome even has a device with an area but I cannot assign the template heater to an area.
I have dozens of examples like this.

I like the concept of using are tags that was proposed in another WTH posts.

If we could apply area tags concept, with the ability to add multiple tags, across the entire HA system then this would make the areas concept much more powerful. These tags could use the already predefined areas list.