WTH - Automated Configuration Upgrade For Breaking Changes

As most breaking changes are changes to namings of integration config values or service names, it would be great if Home Assistant could parse config files and either do an automated change from old values to new, or at least suggest the change in a notification panel on upgrade to new.

This was fiscussed in the past and it sounds easy in theory, but is rather complex to implement.

Yeah, I bet!

The easiest way I can think of this working would be to create a dictionary of aliases for the changes between old values and new, bound to the Home Assistant version number.

I understand that this would possibly not work for a change to expected config values, but for name changes, it would work.

It would not, the way a user can have their configuration files are endless with the various !include statements and packages, HA knows the config as one big merged “file”, not the layout you choose.

When integrations that use config_flow (UI setup) this is possible, but not for YAML.

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This is why I mention, that at least after upgrade, a notification panel could be presented with a suggested alteration

The releasenotes already have that?

Not with a person’s specific config values…