WTH - Automations - rearrange in UI and group/categorise automations

The title says it all - Automations - rearrange, clone/duplicate in UI and group/categorize automation’s

I remember Frenck making fun of Dr. Zzs and his marathon configuration.yaml

I do wonder why the UI for Automations was created so it lists everything in one long nightmare flat list adding everything to one long nightmare file.

I was on Homey before I moved to Home Assistant and I left when they decided to dumb down their UI and only support setting up automations from a mobile app (YUK!).

But even before and after that change the Homey automations had the feature to create folders and put your automation in a folder and to move them around.

I have several hundred of automations. They are organized in files grouped together logically. I cannot imagine myself handling all those in a flat file or in a UI with one long alphabetical list.

You need to be able to organise so many items in the UI. And really. Home Assistant should create a directory tree that reflect this and put every automation in their own file. This way you would much more easily have the best of both worlds. UI for the simple. YAML for the advanced. The UI should simply work like a text editor if the YAML is more advanced than supported by the UI.


Agreed! Having the possibility to organize automations in folders in the UI is a must have!
I only have a few dozen but it is already painful to find one despite my naming organization.

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This one I agree with. It should be possible to clone and put automations (and scripts) in categories. I moved to UI automations, but the list is a mess compared to structured automations in YAML. At least automations should allow to sync with folder automations / multiple automation files

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Yep! I really like the yaml editor as an option, too!

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Grouping automations would be so useful!
Currently I just name them with prefixes like:
Lights Bedroom: ...
Lights Living: ...
Motion Bedroom:...

But it would be super useful to have like a dropdown group so we can easily hide automations we are not currently searching for.


Couldn’t agree more.
I too am reaching the point where too many automations require some kind of organization to keep some sanity level and ease of use.

I understand this will require under the bonet architectural changes and will not happen overnight, but I hope someone is already working on it. Any average automation user will highly appreciate this feature.

Meanwhile I’m going to rename all of my automations by hand and use some kind of tree-like path to try to put some structure into them. But this is an ugly work around, and not satisfatory at all.

I’m sorry if I don’t have enough knowledge to contribute to the project at this level, the most I can do is to test it and offer feedback.


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This is the biggest WTH for me. I know they added a the search and filters, but folders/grouoos would be the cleanest way from a UI perspective.

Yep, this is still needed. Is WTH month going on this year also?

What I do is put an emoji before each automation to group them. For example, any lights automations are called

:bulb:🏃‍♂Lights: Office Motion

Any door automations are

:door: Doors: Closet Doors


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