WTH. Buienradar Camera loop doesn't run

Since a few updates back the camera (buienradar) is not running anymore.

tried a clean install with only this entity but still doesn’t run

I can see a still image and the image is up to date but the Loop to see the cloud cover animation doesn’t run


That is actually a buienradar issue mate :frowning: I’m having the same problem on my wall touchscreens.

No idea why its not an animated gif anymore.

Source data links for nl or be can be found on:


Edit: Filed a request for information @ buienradar about it. If something comes out, I’ll post back here

I see,

the widgets on their websites are also stalling.


If you choose option 1.3 for their free weather data
you can fill in you r location but it is also possible to choose the complete country as weather data.
this weathermap runs normal.
i don’t know if this 'Widget can be embedded in hassio

Probably buienradar solved the issue

Same here seems no one has a problem with buienradar, but since two updates back the buienradar is only giving me errors, it is not running anymore. NO matter what I try, do, remove/install it keeps refusing to work.

error: persistent_notification.invalid_config
invalid configuration, well i checked it all, the YAML is ok, it worked before.

and in integrations i get an error - not loaded, whatever i try.

Can someone please help me on this for i found it one of the best features of HA :slight_smile: having this as weatherstation