WTH can I not click on an event in logbook to see the series of events that cause it

It would be super awesome to be able to click on an event in logbook, for example, “lounge lights turned off” and see the series of events and conditions that were met to trigger it.

I have some automations that work perfectly well 90% of the time but then on the occasions they trigger when they shouldn’t it would be real nice to see an isolated timeline of what caused it.

1. automation.autolights: triggered
2. binary_sensor.pir: on (trigger)
3. sensor.lounge_lux: 5 (condition met)
4. lights.lounge: on (action complete)

Then I could instantly realize that it is in fact an issue with the pir as I wasn’t in that room or that there’s something wrong with the light sensor as it’s really bright and probably more like 70 lux in there.

It’s just a bit time consuming at the moment debugging these kind of things.