WTH Can I not delete an obviously erroneous reading from a sensor without SQL access?

I have a few z-wave devices that most of the time work flawlessly. But then, every now and then one of them will report that the temp they report is like 700+ degrees, which completely borks my charts until those values leave.

I know the HA team added the ability to modify certain historical values, but that ability doesn’t seem to be there for just modifying historical sensor values without going in through SQL.

I know there are other ways to work around this, but I just don’t see why we can go in a see historical value entries for each sensor with a way to modify or delete each one.

What say you?

I had a negative temperature reading on a zigbee temperature sensor (-327.68°C) because 0x8000 is used to indicate an invalid/unknown temperature in Zigbee.

My temperature graph was entirely messed up. As this was a new template sensor, I changed the sensor’s name to start anew and added a condition to not accept this kind of values.

It should be easier to remove invalid data.

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