WTH Can I not group zones?

Recently, there was a change to zones - their state now provides a number for how many people are currently in a zone. It would be great if we could group these together.

The grouped zone would tell you how many people are cumulatively in the grouped zones and in the persons attribute we would get a list of all the people in all the zones.

This would be helpful with a group.zone_grocery for instance - if I am in any of these zones (zone.grocery1, zone.grocery2 etc) then run an automation and ping my phone with the shopping list.

Ha ha…wow, this is precisely what I was trying to do – the exact use case. Still can’t do it :slight_smile:

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I also want this purely so I can better manage a zone around my house since we can’t have polygon shaped zones. It would be nice to combine a bunch of circular zones in a long line to create the shape I need.