WTH can I not see the full integration name?

I keep having some Home Kit integration pop up, and I have no idea what it is (I don’t have anything Apple related) - but I have no way of telling from the Integration page, as all I can see is:


It would be nice to have long title/descriptions wrapped over two lines, or at the very least as a tooltip when hovering over the HomeKit Accessory: In… text.

Looks like you do have devices that can use the homekit protocol though.

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Hi tom, yeah I guessed that was the case (I really don’t know anything about HomeKit and how it works). Interestingly it popped up one day, I hadn’t added any devices so no idea what it is. I presume the bit after HomeKit Accessory: might give me an indication, but I can’t read it!

its not an issue, I can ignore it, which I likely will do, once I know what it is, but I am sure there will be other instances with long text which truncates something important.

Maybe I should have expanded the WTH to say any truncated text should be available as a tooltip, not just this specific area.

You could always click on configure and see what happens. You can either cancel half way thought he setup or delete the integration later.

Thats a thought! Thanks for the nudge, will do so later :+1:

That was me a year or so ago.
I kept seeing a HomeKit integration popup, and was confused since I don’t have any apple products. However I configured it anyway to see what it was about and am quite happy I did.
As it turns out, my EcoBee thermostat supports homekit.
Homekit is a fully local API (true for any device that supports homekit), where as the EcoBee integrations is only cloud based. After setting up the homekit integration, I can now control my thermostat in a fully local way for basic functions and use the cloud integration for more complicated automatons like schedules.

Homekit is just a local API used by many devices, intended to talk to Apple’s Homekit stuff, but Home-Assistant can still use it to talk to other devices without needing a single apple product in your home.

I recommend at least checking out what it’s for, since it may be possible to replace existing cloud integrations with a fully local API using homekit.


Well I tried!


Still absolutely no idea what it is, so wouldn’t even know where to look for a pairing code!

Here’s two more things you can try.

  1. Triple click on the text so the browser selects the whole line (will be highlighted). Then right click, and in this menu it should offer to “Search Google for …”. This should have the complete name, even the parts you can’t visibly see.
  2. If that doesn’t work, right click the text and then select “Inspect” from this menu.

Good WTH though, agree this is a problem.

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Hurrah! Indeed it did - its my Eufy IndoorCam :slight_smile:

Thank you @SeanM, that is one mystery resolved, and a handy tip for the meant time :+1:

If you click ignore, you’ll get the full name with a chance to cancel the ignore.