WTH can I quickly tweak an existing Automation Trigger/Condition/Action name

Currently the trigger/condition/action name is populated based on its contents - very nice!

Occassionally it needs to be tweaked…for example, if I have placed a “For X duration” within the trigger, this is not added to the title.

When you go to rename the step, it populates the Title based on HA’s suggestion (great!) but as soon as you press any key, it clears and you need to rename the entire suggestion (not so great).

SUGGESTION: Rather than clear on any key entry within the popup window, could a user TAB to accept the suggestion and then tweak as required? This is the window I’m referring to:


Once you make your own changes, it then just becomes editable on subsequent renames. It probably should just allow you to change the original suggestion in the same way.

I’ve also noticed that if you make changes, then go back to rename, then hit cancel it changes back to HA suggested value. Pressing cancel should never change anything.

Just had a play and you’re absolutely right…how strange.