WTH can integrations now detect BLE devices via MQTT

Hello everyone,
maybe not so much WTH but HCWIB (how cool would it be).
Would it be possible for HA integrations rto detect devices relayed via MQTT as BLE devices?

I am using multiple eQ-3 TRVs and it has become impossible to keep them all directly connected to my HA server. So I am using ESP32 boards running Tasmota with eQ-3 support to relay the TRVs from blueooth to wifi and publishing the TRV information via MQTT.

Would it be possible to add auto discovery for eQ-3 TRVs that publish via MQTT just like they are discovered via direct BLE connection in the HA core integration?

It would be awesome if they were automatically discovered just like Xiaomi Mijia BLE thermometers are also.

I would be happy to aid and supply whatever information is needed :slight_smile:

Kiitos for your consideration!

Tasmota has a native integration so if you configure that it should happen automatically.

The TRVs are running stock firmware.

So setup is
TRV (stock firmware) – BLE → ESP32 (tasmota, acting as hub) – Wifi MQTT → HA

The ESP32 is of course recognized. But the TRV which is basically being converted from BLE to MQTT over Wifi is not being recognized by the eQ-3 integration.

This is logical, since the TRV is not directly connected and is sending the infirmation via MQTT instead.
But the device names are the same and the payload content should be also.

So the idea is, that the integration not only search for the BLE connected TRV but also MQTT payloads that match these devices (it would also be possible to send them with a defined topic like eq3_devices so the integration recognizes them).