WTH can’t I easily identify unused HACS frontend

After having tested many frontends, i finally limited myself to using only a few of them. Unfortunately, if I want to remove the ressources I no longer use, I have to go through the hundreds of lines of code or dashboards to check them all. It would be so easy to run a report!


Thqnks Tom. It is an interesting tool that I will use, for sure.

But I was referring to cards used in dashboards and which are referred in my configuration.yaml/

They may sitll be in use, or not.So far, I have 2 solutions to see if they are still in use:

  • remove them and see whether my dashboards break
  • scan my code and dashboard to see if they are still referenced.

Something automated might be of help here.

You could put in a feature request to the developer of the watchman tool to also look for unused dashboard resources. https://github.com/dummylabs/thewatchman/issues

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I’ll do. Thanks