WTH can’t I exclude the database from snapshots? (and have automatic backups with it)

The backup function of the supervisor is very handy and I use it from time to time, whenever I remember that I have to do it. And moving from one hardware to another, using these backups to restore functionally was extremly nice.
Still it would be cool, if the supervisor can be set to do automatic backups of the crucial config files regularly without user interferance.

It would be very handy to have an automated backup mechanism. Independent from cloud (I believe that’s what hass has been developed for - cloud independent).

So auto backup - snapshot - every x hours - to CIFS, FTP, Whatever.

Check out the samba backup add-on

There is way to do it automatically with an automation

here is an example of mine

you will find more infos on this thread

I have seen the thread in the forum. When using this mechanism, it seems to backup the databases too. This would blow up storage space really quickly. The same thread also mentions workaround for this that seem to do the job.
Still I would like to have this functionality without extending the complexity of the HA installation. Especially when it comes to backups, I like it to be vanilla :wink:

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Fair point, a snapshot option without databases would be really handy

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Yes, I agree with a more specific “WTH can’t I exclude the database from snapshots?”


Seems legit. I changed the title and added some flavour :wink:

WTH! This is cool and running… this way it goes with my auto-off-site backup along…

But, fair enough this should not be “custom” but natively integrated…