WTH Can’t I mass-delete (non-existent) devices?

For unknown reasons, I ended up with hundreds of RM174RF sensors added to Home Assistant (via RFXtrx integration) - we’re talking hundreds of Smoke Detector devices, consisting of more than 2000 entities.

Currently there is no way to mass-delete these non-exists devices. When I try to delete one, I get:

Device / service not found

The best I can do at the moment is to click each device in turn, and Hide it. This is neither practical nor correct.

It would be great if the UI would allow me to select multiple devices and Hide / Detete / Force Delete them.
See Some entities not visible in RFXCOM RFXtrx


I run an SDR with rtl_433 streaming over MQTT into Home Assistant. It allows me to read from all of my utility meters, as well as snoop around the neighborhood’s RF signals (I found out my neighbors have some great outdoor temperature sensors I can read from).
It’s a really good setup, but it does result in a lot of devices getting created by the MQTT integration. Unfortunately, even without the MQTT retain flag, Home Assistant still retains the device. So, I literally have hundreds of non-existent devices listed in my instance… and I can’t mass delete them. It’s really annoying.

+1 to this WTH.


This seems to be a recurring WTH: WTH Delete devices from GUI from 2020 for example

I would be very interested on your setup. I have multiple 433MHz devices, would be interesting to ingest it into HA.

i agree manually hiding these sensors by hand is painful and there needs to be a better way of deleting unwanted/unneeded sensors

Yeah, running OpenMQTTGateway in an ESP32. I have thousands of ghost devices which cannot be deleted. Also losing the actual devices in the mess when they get re-added with an incrementing number tacked onto the entity ID and HA keeps using the old ID and doesn’t see the device any more. Pretty much useless.

Because this issue has not been fixed yet, I have created a Python script that can bulk remove devices based upon a given field. It helped me remove all of my useless devices and get my device registry cleaned up.

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