WTH can’t we filter devices by integration names for Voice Assistants?

When available, it feels natural to use the official manufacturer support for HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa.

But it’s super difficult to do this with Home Assistant because none of the voice assistant plugins let you exclude entire Integrations from their list of entities. They all have much more clunky filtering logic.

Why is it so hard?

For example:

  • my Lutron Caseta devices support HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa. I want them to be visible in HA, but I want to use the official Lutron support for voice assistants.
  • my Tuya devices support Google Home and Alexa, but not HomeKit. I want to filter them out from GH/Alexa but expose them to HomeKit.
  • my MQTT devices have no official voice assistant support. Include them all in all voice assistants!

Especially for cloud-powered integrations,