WTH can we please have HOME and AWAY profiles?

Please forgive me if there is a way to do this as I am not a HA expert but I would really like to have an option to create profiles for when all my home users leave the house (AWAY) and when someone is home (HOME). For example, all lights and TVs could be switched off, and thermostat could be set to low temperature when everyone leaves the house. As soon as someone is back certain lights can be switched on and thermostat set to desired temperatures.

I appreciate that this could be achieved through automations. However, this becomes a lot more complicated if you want to combine this with timings (for example, certain lights come on at 17:00 but only if someone is home - and they would also come on if someone comes back after 17:00).

Combining home/away and schedules via automations is quite complicated and becomes even more difficult if you want to add more entities down the line.