WTH can't backups be done on a USB stick mounted locally?

Backups are so important. I backup my system every night with the addon Samba Backup on my NAS. This is okay for me (whereas I do not understand why SAMBA addon is not official, but this is another WTH).

This WTH is for getting backup capability for a USB stick mounted locally. Over 50% of the users have their system on a Rasperry with a fragile SD card. It would be so easy simply adding a USB Stick for nightly backups…

This is part of a bigger picture.

There’s a flaw in the way HA does backups. The backup is always created on the drive that HA is running on. Sure, there are good ways to copy it elsewhere, but only after it’s consumed hard drive space or SD card writes locally.

But, a backup is almost useless locally. Usually, you would wipe the local drive or SD card, then restore the backup from another device. Why not create the backup elsewhere in the first place?

There is already an FR and WTH to mount a remote share in HA, and a FR to back up directly to external storage. I think having the same abilities with a USB stick would be helpful. Voted.