WTH can't I click outside of a dialog to close the dialog?

For example, go into an automation, then click the back button. You’ll get a popup (for some reason) saying “Sure you want to leave?”.

Clicking outside to dismiss is a fairly common dismissal flow, but currently, you have to click the “No” button.

Does this work on any other platform ?
Windows ? Any of the Linux desktops, mac OS ?
How about any browsers.? Pick one I don’t care.

The answer is no
It’s not a common used method

Nil point

Yes, pretty much every app on iOS.

EDIT: It even works this way for popup cards in home assistant. Give it a try.

Okay, it works under Apple.( I stand corrected for this subset )
And if it works for pop up cards, why not for this ?

Even for essential confirmation dialogs? How do you know which option it will select for you when you click outside?

I don’t know, haven’t tried.

It’s always cancel / no.

Hang on …
So this feature has acheived less than 100% penetration to current Apple users ?
So we’re now talking about a subset, of a subset ?
I don’t think it wise to adopt such features unless there is a driving need or it’s offering an option that is currently not achievable or would accelerate a task greatly.

And this is from a guy who uses keyboard shortcuts all the time.

I think you glossed over the fact that All popups on every platform in HA have this behavior.

EDIT: OP is asking to extend this behavior to YES / NO boxes and OK / CANCEL boxes.

I have, and admit that I have used this when renaming devices entities, but to be honest; what’s the difference between clicking the X (or yes, or no, or confirm or cancel or whatever) vs clicking outside ?
It just allows you to be imprecise, which is generally a bad thing as the result is at best “almost sure this will work”

So you avoided the question; how many mac os users do your think are familiar with this ? Do you think it limited to power users, advanced users, experienced users or everyone ?


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for left handers, the no button is far. Also, it’s for ease of use. In the software I work on for work, we did this everywhere to reduce mouse movements.