WTH Can't I configure area cards

I’ve started adopting area cards as a central landing page to navigate through my dashboard. I like that entities automatically show up in the defined actions but also need to exclude certain entities.

The use case would be that I have a 3d printer in my office hooked up to a smart plug. I don’t want that included on the area card making it easy for someone to turn off the switch while I’m printing. The alternative fix is to not assign that device to an area but that makes things messy having orphaned devices and potentially loses functionality and organization having it unassigned.

I’d like the ability to define exclusions to remove certain entities or even all entity times from an Area card.

It’s would be nice to have auto-discovery of door/window binary sensors so, as motion sensor, a door/window icon appear when a door/window is open in a specific room.

Was surprised to find this limitation – have two plugs, one for 3D printer and one for portable AC unit… only the 3D printer shows up in area card. Is it alphabetical?

Yep. I have the exact same issue: 3D printer on a smart plug that could well get deactivated by my clumsy butter fingers!