WTH Can't I Configure my Zigbee Lock

I have to keep my Smartthings hub as my two Kwikset Zigbee locks are supported by ZHA/Zigbee2MQTT lock/unlock, but I can’t do anything more advanced such as set up new PINs etc, or automate time-based enable/disable functions

I hear ya, it’s hard to test and implement these features without devices in hand.

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maybe make a bigger impact if you voted for your own suggestion

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Fair point. My assumption is though that the Zigbee interface for this stuff would be common across brands though? (I could be wrong on that?). Smarthings seems to support all different brands so you can at least manage settings manually. Then there is the Rboy libraries which allows complex automations etc.

I would be interested in helping where I can

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Do you know much about writing device handlers etc @meremortal? I see you are in Brisbane. I’m in Sydney but I have two Qwikset locks. Don’t know much about developing integrations but more than happy to test etc.

I’m just starting my journey with device handlers. I have recently migrated over from Deconz to ZHA so having to start a new learning curve and so far I have been asking of github for device handlers.

What I haven’t yet worked out is the limits of ZHA services for zigbee other than its only HA1.2

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There really aren’t any limits.

Thanks David

As I already learnt from you ZHA doesn’t support tamper alarms. It also doesn’t support lock management. There are a couple of limitations, it’s those sort of things I am talking about.

Those aren’t limits, it just needs to be implemented :grinning:. It can be done

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Thanks David :grinning: appreciate that point of view.

David can I help document what isn’t yet implemented?

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I was able to add user codes and (sort of) get user codes via zigbee cluster comands:

I don’t know if that helps or not. I’m wondering if something like that is also possible on other locks from different manufacturers.