WTH can't I create a fixture that represents the bulbs used as its own device?

I’ve tried searching for something like this already in the forums but I could not find exactly this: a way to group the bulbs of a fixture into a single device: a device called Chandaier containing 5 smart bulbs that are all controlled as one making brightness, color temp, color, a single new DEVICE.

For example, we have a chandelier in our house that has five Lifx bulbs. Each bulb must be controlled individually or added to a Scene. What I am proposing is a new device that represents all five bulbs. It appears on the Devices list and behaves just like any other color bulb. In the UI I could create the fixture, give it a name, then choose the devices. I could then change the brightness then the color all as if it is one new device.

I had suggested this to the SmartThings team and they liked the idea but… ya know, SmartThings.


Is this different than light groups? Group - Home Assistant

They’re now available to be created in the UI.


This is a light group: Light - Home Assistant

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WOW!! THANK YOU!!! That’s amazing!