WTH can't I CTRL+CLICK on the Developer Tool tabs to open them in a new window

When performing a Service Call from the developer tools, most of the time I also want to monitor a related event.

However, I can’t just click on the Developer Tools tab title to open that tab in a new window. nor right click and “Open in new window”.

The same is true for other lovelace panels - I have quite a few subtabs/panels on some of them and I can’t CTRL+CLICK to open the panel in another window…

Yep, I try to do this all the time. Good one

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Yes, I know now that it doesn’t work, so I just duplicate the tab now. Voted!

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The technical answer is that browsers only have this behavior for native anchor elements (i.e. <a href=...>...</a>), and anchors aren’t used in all navigation elements. Part of the reason is performance so that the entire pages is not refreshed each time you change tabs. Unfortunately, the solution that has anchors + good performance is currently terrible for accessibility because of limitations in the underlying Material Design components.

There is a GitHub issue on the topic with links to other issues.

The good news is that Google’s Material 3 components look to be handling this better, but that has yet to be released.