WTH can't I easily run Add-ons via docker-compose when running Home Assistant Container?

I run HA Container. Add-ons are only available for HA OS / Supervised.

Why are there no easy installation instructions to run addons via docker-compose for users that use the HA Container installation?

Figuring out how to re-create a specific add-on service is usually not trivial. Can take quite some time doing research on dockerhub/github/… to find the right image, get it working reliably and integrate with Home Assistant.

Because that is the trade-off that you make when deciding to run Container vs a form of Supervised HA.

You become responsible for maintaining your own “add-ons” (equivalent containers).

I get this. I made the switch from a RPi to docker on a headless unit a while back, and spent a lot of time recreating all the addons with their own containers.

For most, just Googling “home assistant docker” gets you pretty decent results.
But once you leave the supervised/HA OS model, you’re assumed to be technically capable. If you’re not, docker is probably not for you as there is a lot of manual maintenance to be done.
And on the flip side, moving to docker allowed me a lot more flexibility, which again was more technically involved and not for the faint of heart.

The addons are Docker images. I’m not running HA in Docker so forgive me if my question is dumb but what makes it so difficult to run a Docker image in Docker? Is it just connecting them to HA that is a problem?

It’s not running them in docker per se that is the issue.

It’s that there are overhead things that need to be done to the image that allows it to be controlled/maintained by the supervisor that can’t be done by just a docker container.

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Because that has to be maintained and supported and maintaining and supporting the addons is already enough work.

The container approach is for technically savvy users who get how docker and docker compose works. The expectation is that if you are embarking on this route you know how to run software in containers and get them talking to each other in networks. If you don’t then the container approach probably isn’t for you.

That’s great! I notice you aren’t the author of any Community Guides showing others how to do what you did. Perhaps consider making one?

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It is possible to set up a supervised HA on debian…
You’ll only get the warning that the system is not supported… but if you’re good with that and have debian/docker skills it will run fine :wink:



I second this! If you feel up to it I’d love to see a guide. I’ll probably move all my services to Docker eventually. I’m actively playing with Docker and I have lot’s to learn on the subject.

Your response really seems to me to be the already existing solution to the request. Maybe the docs should be a bit clearer what ‘unsupported’ really means. It sounds like a big red flag, but it is more like a small yellow one in this case.

Yes it is a small yellow flag, provided you know your way around with dockers and debian :wink: