WTH can't I easily synchronize multiple thermostats?

I have multiple thermostats to control baseboard heaters in one area and I want them to all behave as controls to a single logical climate entity, including a control in the HA interface. More than 1 state/attribute needs to be synchronized as they each have a set temperature and operating mode.

I’ve tried multiple solutions but all have failed over time:

  • Grouping them doesn’t produce the level of synchronization (>1 state/attribute) required and shows averaging of the set temperature from the thermostats
  • Automation triggered off of state/attribute change is overly complex with conditions and causes inadvertent loops as each synchronized thermostat kicks off another sync loop
  • A community add-on worked for a bit but broke when the thermostat entities were updated and it never worked the same again

Why doesn’t grouping entities provide synchronization options? I want to be able to indicate that entities should be synchronized, which state/attribute(s) should be synchronized, and what strategy to use to handle a de-sync situation.

This last de-sync situation happens sometimes with a simple 2 entity automation-based synchronization I created for a disconnected light switch and group of lights. I always want their state to reflect each other so when 1 turns on/off the other does and vice versa. Every now and again though they get out of sync and 1 of my family members will get frustrated trying to turn on the lights but can’t because the switch is already on. A proper group synchronization solution with re-sync strategies would help with this.

Hi there!
I use Climate Group from HACS to do so. And it works fine.
But I agree and wonder, why is there no “Helper / Group / Thermostat”.
It’s a very common situation to have 2 or more radiators in the same room.


I’ve used the HACS Climate Group integration but it doesn’t do everything I want. Having a control in HA is great, but I also want all thermostats to sync when I change one of them manually at the thermostat itself.


sorry but i am very new to Home assistant and coding.
i installed the climate group from hacs, then i added this code to my configuration.ymal

but how can i use this climate group in a controller now.

  - platform: climate_group
    name: 'All_Heating'
    temperature_unit: C  # default to celsius, 'C' or 'F'
    - climate.living_room_2
    - climate.entrance_2
    - climate.play_room_3
    - climate.liam_2
    - climate.eden_2
    - climate.bed_room_2
    - climate.kids_bath_2
    - climate.master_bath_2