WTH can't I have multiple HAs on a single Nabu Casa?

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I have HA at home, connected to Nabu Casa and it works great. I’m adding HA to our RV (Camper/Caravan/travel trailer/etc.) and would like similar functionality. I realize there are ways to connect externally and use Alexa without Nabu Casa, but I want the simplicity of a switch to flip. :slight_smile:

I would like the ability to add multiple (at least 2 or 3) HA connections to my Nabu Casa account without having to create separate accounts to manage. This would be beneficial to those with multiple homes as well.


If you are looking to join HA instances (with client HA instances passing their entities to a main HA instance) there is a custom component which handles this pretty well.


You could then have the main instance be linked to your Nabu Casa account and see whichever entities/automations/scripts that you choose to pass along.

In regard to multiple HA instances within a single Nabu Casa account, each HA instance needs it’s own domain and certificate to manage and update. This would also require some app or instance which is “outside” all your other instances, managing or routing the notifications and automations and device_trackers among all of them (which instance sends what to the others and when?).
That would be quite a another project/service to develop.

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I don’t think the argument is to necessarily have all of the various HA instances linked together via Nabu Casa.

I believe (at least in my case) I want each individual HA instance to be it’s own standalone instance but be managed via one Nabu Casa account.

As it is right now I would need multiple Nabu Casa accounts, One for each standalone HA.


If you could run mulltiple HA instances off one nabu casa account, nabu casa’s income would diminish to $5.00 total per month, as we’d all share one account.

But to be fair, I’d suggest maybe 3 instances - one for home, one for the office and one for the RV.

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Yeah, limiting the number of instances would be reasonable. Well, unless that limit is one… :wink:

Exactly, one Nabu Casa account allowing more than one HA instance connected to it. I wouldn’t mind paying a LITTLE more per month for additional instances (perhaps $1-2USD/instance) although I realize that may not be agreeable or possible for everyone. Charging extra could also pose a problem for those wanting to use the feature for multiple dev instances; although it would be less expensive than the option available now…



Apparently my last paragraph made no sense. :neutral_face:

There are also those wanting to set up HA as a service and looking for discounts or a reseller program. Maybe a Nabu Casa Pro app is needed for any of this.

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A NabuCasa Pro option would be great for those wishing to do consumer installs and support, especially if it could be white-labeled for the individual Integration Partner!

Thanks for the pointer to Home-Assistant-Remote. I’m playing with it now and while not a perfect solution to my WTH, it is definitely cool and useful!



I would love this. I’m in the same situation with my home and RV and I currently hack stuff together with state and event stream.

I would also be willing to pay extra for this, certainly as much as a second nabu casa subscription, I just want them maintained under the same account.

Same here. Even another subscription within the same account. I would make use of it.

Same. I have home, cabin, and work instances. Would love to manage under a single account.

You don’t monetize things by giving away 3 for the price of one.

Forgetting the cost for a moment, is there any way to connect to more than one instance via my phone app? I just signed up for an instance I finally got deployed at my mother’s house. Now I’m thinking about running HA at my house too.

This is a fairly common practice. I have video and photo editing software I’ve installed on multiple devices. The idea is that the user has a license to use the app on more than one device, as opposed to “giving away 3”.

Actually, you can, and it’s kinda funny how I do it.

I have 1 Nabu Casa account as my main server, and each “node” is connected via a private ZeroTier network, along with their own services on site for my family in various physical locations.

I also use Remote Home Assistant HACS component to filter entities in and out of the main and secondary servers. Plus side about using ZeroTier in this manner is that finding an external IP address is not required since ZeroTier internal IPs are more or less static.

I have this in 2 campers, an office, my sister’s house 500 miles away, and a church my family owns. It’s really cool!

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