WTH can't I hit Return on my keyboard to select yes and esc to select no?

For example, the Remove Entity? screen? It would be super useful if Return -> Yes and Escape -> No.

I’m sure there are other confirmation dialogs that would benefit from the same treatment.

Voted, but I have to post too to say I love your graphics.

hahaha :joy: thanks. years of schooling.

Yea the frontend can still use some more accessibility love, I went ahead a lil bit ago and lent my knowledge of accessibility and opened a few bugs that the team has been working on.

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And for that matter, TAB doesn’t seem to work in many places. Like moving between entities adding a History Graph card.

Esc and Return are non-standard web interface options.
If you did this it would cause confusion as not everyone would be familiar with those options.
I think it seems designed for people using touch screens or just a mouse.
I think it would be better for you to request that cursor keys or tab and shift-tab be usable on all screen elements as that will not break anything else.
I will not be voting for it in this form

yea tab index is one of the accessibility bugs I had opened up…its not a great experience especially if any pop-up shows up the user is not stuck inside the pop-up and has to tab all over teh application just to get to the pop-up to close it.