WTH can't I make a proper video doorbell using Home Assistant? (with two-way audio like Ring and Nest))

Why the heck can’t lovelace or the Home Assistant mobile apps receive live input from the mic on my smartphone? Makes it impossible to make DIY alternatives to Ring and Nest video doorbells with Home Assistant.

Specifically, I want to make a DIY video doorbell using the rtsp videofeed (with audio) from my existing surveillance camera and simply add a cheap speaker to my Raspberry Pi, so I can talk back to whoever is ringing the doorbell when I’m not home (like Ring/Nest video doorbells), but AFAIK there is no way for me to send live audio from the mic on my pc/smartphone through Home Assistant?

Adding this feature (via VoIP / WebRTC?) would also make it possible to make live announcements in the home from a tablet that you may have hanging on the wall.

Audio streams are finally coming, at least for some sources.

I read the PR discussion: If i understood correctly audio streaming from camera’s to HA has been implemented, but the reverse (sending a message to be played back by the camera’s builtin speaker) still isn’t possible?

I created an add on to do WebRTC to Alexa - at the moment I still drop the audio but maybe this is something that could be implemented in the future with the right help: