WTH can't I reorder devices in the energy dashboard?

I would like to reorder devices in the energy dashboard. Now after adding the order is set on when you add them. This is not logical.

This is very important because color scale assignment in the energy sources is strictly dependant on the order the device was added. And if for some reason we first added less important sources first, then after the third source colours one to another and nearly identical so chart is nearly useless visually.

Also related link:

Then the color assignment should be aligned with the order and not at created when a device is added.

I think it is like that? Or maybe i’m mistaken.
I know HA devs point of view is that ‘sources’ should be a small subset, as in “home-grid”, “solar-input” and not much else, rather than individual devices. But I think most of the installations of people wihtout mulitple energy sources (i.e. only have home-grid) use such feature to track individual devices throughout the day (and cost).

That is exactly it, I have Shelly dimmers/switches/lights and zigbee plugs (PME) and I want to know which are my big spenders…

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