WTH can't I see exact 'last_changed' time on entity's more-info dialog?

The “rounded last changed” time displayed in more-info dialog (or Glances card, etc.) seems to be not so accurate or informative if you need some more precise information.
While human-friendly “rounding” is perfect for cards on dashboard, it seems that more precise date&time information could be presented on entity’s more-info dialog.

Use case:
There are some situations where I need to check exact time an entity changed it’s state. I don’t store a history of this entity (therefore there are no logbook entries), and don’t want to make a separate card for displaying ‘last_changed’ date&time either. I just want to tap/hold and see that kind of info on more-info pop-up.
WTH do I need to go to ‘Dev Tools → States → Find an entity’, to find exact last_changed time?