WTH can't I see snapshot creation status?

Snapshots are great but they can take a while to create especially with large databases. It is impossible to know if it is actually still working on the snapshot or if something has failed, until I check back half an hour later and see if there is a new snapshot. It would be great if there were some sort of status indicator, even if it were just to say that there is a pending snapshot. Ideally we would have some sort of progress bar or an ETA!

For now you can check the system log, but I agree, it would be nice to have a better way of seeing the status.

Good suggestion, I will have to check there next time I’m unsure. Hopefully something like my suggestion could be implemented though to make it easier!

I wish there was an event triggered when it was complete or someway to pull that information so I can trigger an automation when a new snapshot is complete… even if I could pull the number of snapshots from the supervisor API… then we could create a sensor that tracks the number of snapshots and when it changes we could trigger an automation. In your case you could trigger a notification or trigger an automatic backup to a cloud service.

I would highly recommend this add-on: https://github.com/sabeechen/hassio-google-drive-backup

While it’s an add-on and not natively built-in to Home Assistant, it should give you exactly what you are looking for in terms of creation/completion status. @gremblin it also stores what you are looking for in terms of snapshot totals and history, as well as automatically taking snapshots on a schedule and backing up snapshots to Google Drive.

Thanks @apop, I am already using Google Drive Backup. What I want to do is automatically backup to Google Drive when a snapshot is made. Right now the best I can do is trigger a snapshot, then wait x time when I hope the snapshot is complete and then do the Google Drive backup. Then if I manually create a snapshot, then I have to manually wait x time and then manually do the Google Drive backup. I’d like a way to monitor the snapshots and when a new one is created (either automatically by an automation or by me manually) then backup to Google Drive.

Is this a different implementation of this Google Drive addon? Does it monitor the snapshots created? I see that it definitely doesn’t mine bitcoin :thinking:

Yes, the one I’ve posted is a different add-on. I initially used the one you posted but switched. The one I’ve posted is much more robust and has a full web interface for managing your snapshots and uploads to Google. I’d highly recommend giving it a look.

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Ok, cool. :+1: Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: I’ll check it out.