WTH can't I see the trigger ID (and more information about each step of my automation) when the step is collapsed?

There are a few places I’d really like to see more detail in the new (awesome, seriously good work there folks) automation UI:

  • Triggers should show me a trigger ID if I have assigned one.
  • Conditions in a Choose action should show me what I selected—there is prior art in the service calls., if action, etc. Examples include:
    • Trigger ID
    • Time Condition
    • Or (I know this is difficult, but perhaps a simple Or: prefix and join the sub-conditions together with commas and wrap them in brackets? If there’s another or then you could avoid infinite recursion/nesting with Or: (3 conditions). The same applies to And

Do you mean the missing info in automation editor UI or in trace?

In the UI editor.