WTH can't i sort by "last triggered" in the IOS app in Automations

Middle of the night trying to find what automation just triggered and woke the entire house up.
Can only sort by Name which is wonderful, but totally useless !!

I’ve been annoyed by this too.
It’s available in the iPad app, why not iPhone?
You would think we’d be able to swipe ‘Name’ to the left to see the other column or something.

The worst part is when you turn your phone sideways, the Name column takes up the entire length of the phone!
All that empty space that could easily fit the ‘Last Triggered’ column.

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I’ve resorted to this. Might help you

type: custom:auto-entities
  type: entities
  title: Latest Triggered
  show_header_toggle: false
    - domain: automation
        secondary_info: last-triggered
        last_triggered: < 1h ago
  method: last_triggered
  reverse: true
  count: 500

That’s fantastic! Thank you for the introduction to auto-entities!

I also voted for this WTF but I’m using Android app and always wonders why you can’t filter the last activated automation…can’t believe this ones only got a few votes :frowning: