WTH - can't I tell Google Assistant what device class an entity should show up as

This seems like a step back from Alexa.

I can tell Alexa that an input_boolean should appear as a LIGHT

With Google Assistant, i’m stuck surfacing it as an input_boolean.

Lets say I have an automation that intercepts the input_boolean (to grab the brightness and color_temp [circadian style] based on time of day). and then tells the real light to turn on with the correct color_temp and brightness.
I want the input_boolean to appear and behave like a light.

You can.

I can choose these options as device type for input boolean. Have a few automations setup as scenes using input boolean. And use it as TV device type.

interesting - that is in the app right? Bravo Google.

Thanks for sharing!

Yes, just press the device and then change the type.

Huh. Where do you find this in the google apps?

Just got it all up and running.

In the app, tap on the device
Settings top right cog
Then device type

Would be cool if we could manage this from HA, like the same we can push room/alias

It’s indeed a new feature, since max 2 months,