WTH can't the Home zone be edited in the GUI?

Specifically the radius cannot be edited in the GUI. It appears that lat/lon can be changed by moving the home icon. (Clarify that overriding Home in UI is not supported by koying · Pull Request #19354 · home-assistant/home-assistant.io · GitHub)

There was some reasoning behind this. I can’t remember what it was. Still would like to have the option to alter this from the UI though, good wth.

I also miss the possibility to enter the longitude and latitude for the location of the house in the edit field. Accessibility (WCAG) is an additional argument. Currently, it is not possible to set the home location from the GUI with a screen reader.

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Yeah, I’m moving soon and thought this should be easier!

I can’t figure it out. Where should I go to update home location then?

Edit: Must do it old way via yaml

Or you can forget about the yaml, and drag and drop your home icon directly in the map / zone view of the HAOS UI.

Unfortunately, the option of dragging the house location on the map is an accessibility barrier. Using the NVDA screen reader, no one can do that. And 2 small edit fields (latitude and longitude) are enough. Today it is, it’s an accessibility bug and something for urgent improvement.

How do I do that ?

You can’t, he’s requesting that they are added. You can only click and drag at the moment. Or use yaml.

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Yes, this request has still not been addressed. In the case of other added zones, this problem does not exist. For the main home zone, someone had the “brilliant” idea to make this functionality much less user-friendly and completely inaccessible from the standpoint of WCAG compliance. Naturally, I’m writing about the GUI, not YAML.

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HASSOS (core 2024.4.0) - I am able to move HOME zone in GUI
DOCKER (core 2024.4.0) - I am not able to move HOME zone in GUI, WHY?

I had setup my HOME zone in config file in order to change it, move et.
I deleted it from configuration.yaml in both installations.

But in docker installation I am not able move HOME zone in GUI as I am able to move HOME icon in GUI in HASSOS.

Do you know why?
How may I correct it?

This solved something from build config of HA:
Settings > System > General > Update (at the bottom)
After this grayed field go editable and I am able to move HOME in GUI.