WTH cant we create systemwide Dashboard template cards

Keeping dashboards for multiple peoples devices and one main for tablet views is a chore if you make any meaningful changes like new hardware or replaced device.

What I suggest is savable card “templates” that when you make a change to it it then gets updated in all your dashboards.

Say you make this amazing card for lights you then copied it to all your dashboards but you then decide you don’t want one of the lamps in that room and it would look better in another. You now have to go edit all the cards in all your dashboards to move that lamp.

What would be better is a “template” card that you just have to update once and its then applied to all dashboards at the same time.

With how nice Browser Mod is you are forced to have personal dashboards for everyone otherwise you get popups happening on other devices at the same time.

I took the liberty to remove “Lovelace” from the title, as that doesn’t exists as a name anymore :wink:

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This would be a massive help for me! I have a bunch of touch screens in different rooms (replaced an old intercom), and each one is similar but customized for that room. If I make a small change to a card, say a weather card, sometimes I have to modify 6 or 7 dashboards to make them all the same.

Have your considered adding in the non-default pages with !include statements so that those pages that are available everywhere only need to be edited once?

You can only !include when your pages are YAML, which means that those pages become much harder to edit in general.

This would be awesome! I do lots of copy and paste across dashboards.

It would be great if there could be an indication of which dashboards need to be edited if the global template requires new inputs (e.g. new entity IDs).

I concur. There is anchors but that is only for yaml setups. What i do is use custom decluttering and save my templates above each view: