WTH can't we define friendly names in multiple languages

So why can’t we define multi language friendly names?

Copy-pasting from a comment I made on another thread:

What about just having multiple friendly names, where you append the iso2 language code?

friendly_name: Bedroom # default, required if translated value is provided too, used when there is no translated value for the user's language
friendly_name_nl: Slaapkamer # used if user's language = nl (Dutch)
firendly_name_es: Dormitorio # used if user's language = es (Spanish)

I’m a developer by trade and am used to having all my devices in English, but for home assistant to be accepted / used by the rest of the family, a translation option would be very beneficial. Same for making it available to renters / lodgers.

I can only second that request. Same use case here: I’d like to maintain everything in EN, but that’s is not usable / user-friendly for family, guests, etc. So only the outer-most layer which are the friendly names should be in the end-user language.

So some sort of localization option is required here.

Currently, the UI is hard-coded to get an entity’s friendly_name. What would instruct it to use, for example, friendly_name_nl?

Do you envision it being a per-user setting so that the UI can be displayed, for example, in Dutch for one user and French for another?

Yes, always depending on the language of the logged in user account. This user language setting is already used for the HA internal texts (translated by a community localize project). So that would be the logical decider what friendly names to show.


Indeed, I see the friendly_name, my wife sees the friendly_name_nl as she’s logged in in Dutch. And when my German friends visit, they log in in German but because there is no friendly_name_de defined, they also see the default friendly names.

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I second this WTH.

My use case is for voice assistants


Has anything been done on this topic? This is an issue I’d very much be interested in too!