WTH cant we have clickable icons when customising entities

Like the emoji bar on your phone when your typing a message that shows your most recent ones - would make customising entities a breeze!

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Have you seen how long it takes to load up all the mdi icons?

yes, it takes a while to load them all but not that long to load 5-10

Well it’s lucky that you and I both want the same 5-10 icons eh?

I’m not poo-pooing your idea as a bad one. It would be great. It’s just not practically feasible with the current way mdi icons are available to the devs.

Hm, the reason the website is so slow isn’t because of the number of icons I think:

I mean there’s https://mdisearch.com/ which loads pretty fast :thinking:

@Eeeeeediot you should probably post this as a feature request though so people can vote for it.

Q. Will it work in IE11?
A. Nope.

Literal lol :rofl:

I’ve been at the end of a 1.2s round trip latency geostationary satellite link for too long. Maybe it is possible. The mdi icon extension for VSCode used to work, kind of, when I was connected via fibre.

I mean, the hass: icons are local, aren’t they? So as long as you’re not communicating using morse code inside your LAN, that could be a start :thinking:

We’re not supposed to use those.

Really? Damn, good to know, time to search through my config files…
Okay, but I mean the mdi: icons are available locally as well, so that’s still a possibility

Yep the hass: icons were originally meant for internal use only and are (pretty much) identical to the mdi: versions anyway. There was a discussion about dropping hass: icons all together somewhere on discord. Not sure what will come of it.

Yeah mdi are local too. At least the latest supported version. Which is not always the latest public version. Hence the many “why can’t I use this icon topics”.

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Did you read the post?

EDIT: @tom_l can you move this to feature requests please?

Well I thought about the emoji picker that shows you the most recent ones and allows you to select all other ones as well then.
I guess both might be a good idea for selecting icons

Done. Don’t forget to vote.