WTH can't we Just easly use if else functions in the automations editor

I’m used of using if and else beacust i did a lot of Arduino programming. It is propably doable in YAML but i’m realy not comfotable using it.

Have you looked at the “Choose” action added in 0.113? It is available as an “Action type” in the Audomations editor.

The Choose action is cool (I’ve been using it a LOT), but I think a lot of it has to do with nomenclature. Most technical people are used to if-else versus choose-action.

I’d also love a simple if-then-else; I’ve been looking into Node Red for this stuff, but also seems like there’s a learning curve to that. W(hy)TH can’t I just say if then else!

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There is a learning curve, but to be honest, it’s SO worth it. There are some things that NodeRed does 100% better than HA. Being able to visually see your automation flow is awesome.