WTH can't we order automations on the "Last triggered" date?

This simple feature would allow you to concentrate on Automations, that hadn’t triggered in a while.
Another great feature for this area would be the last response from the automation. i.e. success or error. I think this might be much more technical to achieve but would be very useful.

One more great feature for this area would be to display the description in the list to help remind user of what the Automation is doing. At the very least, the description could be in the [Info] popup.

You should vote for your own wth

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Gary, @tinglis1 ,
I’m assumeing that you can both use the template editor (Under ‘Developer Tools’ - ‘Template’ ) ?

This is what I use : -

{% for state in states.automation | selectattr('attributes.last_triggered') | sort(attribute='attributes.last_triggered', reverse=true) -%}
{{ state.attributes.last_triggered.timestamp() | timestamp_local }} : {{ state.name }}
{% endfor %}

I generally use this to find ’what triggered’ - 'This unexpected action'
So something happened at a given time, and I look through to check what automations fired around that time.
This gives the most recent last-triggered at the top but you can remove the reverse bit (or just set it to false) and your are laughing.
Most of what went into this was the fruit of pnbruckner but 123 polished it up to have the date/time in local rather than UTC


This is nice and actually what I’m looking for in the Automations ui but with links etc. I’m gonna try a pr for what I think should show.

Sorry, why do you need it in the Automations UI ?
I use it once in a blue moon
But if you want it ‘available’ you could just make it into a sensor, not sure which cards support multi-line output (and it would then be limited to 256 chars)
I guess I’m just trying to think of a use case ???

Edit: This is a ‘very low user count requirement’ and having the above available via the template editor means that the ‘need’ is very low and thus the probability of anyone taking up the PR, even lower ???

Because it enables an improved experience for managing an ever growing automations list. Why offer frustration to the user’s experience when you can very easily prevent the frustration arising in the first place.

Appreciate it might not be your experience.

Very low user count?

Where is that coming from? We have many users in the UI, creating, editing, and viewing Automations via the UI.

Just because its available via a Hack does not mean that that is obvious to everyone. Would not take the need down any lower

I think this is something that is needed. We show the field why not have the ability to sort by it

@BodgeIT, my current installation is running at over 1100 entities.

Most of the time my automations run as I expect them to (they always work as written, it’s just that sometimes I don’t write them as I want them to work :roll_eyes: ).

I’d say my system is a ‘bit’ larger than average, but by no means the largest here, I think Marius runs with over 6,000 entities. Apart from a bit of debugging I’ve never seen the need for this and is but a matter of seconds to paste into any workstation I’m sitting at.

Well, from the amount of time I’ve spent on the forum.
I think I’ve only ever seen a request for something like this twice (including this thread)
I see you have read 1d, but that’s okay, put it forward as a PR and chance your luck.
Normally devs, concentrate their efforts on improved performance, enhanced functionality or something that will equally help ‘a lot’ of users.
I just don’t see the benefit, you will know (from this template) either what happened at 14:23 today, most recently or which happened the longest time ago, what else do you need ?

This is NOT a hack. This is a template

I should also point out that any automation that has never fired or has “initial: true” set will not appear in any “last_triggered” list so that is worthy of consideration also.

Your adversarial approach may not gain you much traction with the devs however.

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@Mutt, as impressive as your well-endowed system sounds, your argument just doesn’t stand up (no pun intended). You’re suggesting to keep something awkward, ineffective and I might add inconsistent from other list management mechanisms in the UI (States in Dev Tools for example) just because you don’t think it needs to be improved. Your template thing is cool but I have to "leave the Automations page to go “make the list”, get the info I need then come back to the Automations page to modify any, if needed.

When things are “breaking” at the rate of current progression, it’s just handy to be able to see all the information you want in one place, in a format that supports you to manage.

Also, pretty certain @zsarnett was not being adversarial.

This by the way is most certainly not the common experience.

Yeah, typing in haste again, that should read : -
Most of the time my automations run as I expect them to (the rest always work “as written”, it’s just that sometimes I don’t write them as I want them to work :roll_eyes: )
i.e. - I made a mistake somewhere :crazy_face:

Well we’ll see how the vote goes.
Having said that I seen ‘Votes’ with only 6 voters (what you have now) making a sucessful PR and others with 100 failing, most sucessful need about 60-70 (but no guarantees either way.

BTW I am one of the main devs for HA in the frontend and I probably know what we want to develop. We have been making many changes recently to how these tables are sorted and viewed. So this is something I believe is a good feature. Last triggered is important to an automation and which you want to edit.

While I do agree it usually takes a good request and people to get behind that request to get a dev interested., A big point of focus for the frontend right now is to make it easier for a common user to navigate and use our frontend.

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Great, as a dev you can make this one of your priorities, go for it.
I wish you the best of luck with your PR


One of the main reason I voted for this wth is that I mostly interact with my HA instance via mobile device these days. I suspect this is probably how a lot of our less technical users interact.

I have 1000+ entities in HA and have been a power user in the past and am more than willing to use a template to get the info I need. These days my time is focused on my job and my family, so if it saves me getting a computer out then I think it makes the user experience better.

Also not sure why I got tagged in this telling me to use a template as all I did was vote for a WTH.

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This is possible now.