WTH can't we set a default offset for a google calendar?

The docs say that you can set an offset for a google calendar entity by using the offset set of characters which is searched for in the “message” of the calendar item. However, if we have a calendar entity based on a subscribed calendar, the “message” properties are not able to be changed.

It would be nice if a calendar could have a default offset timespan for all events so that modifying the message of the event is not necessary in order to have an offset.

Also: WTH can’t we set up a calendar that filters on whether events are “all day” or not. Since the calendar entity is “on” all day when all day events are happening, it kind of makes the calendar useless. Calendars kind of need two entities, one for “all day” events, where all the “all day” events are listed in the properties, and one for normal events.