WTH can't we upload user photos in lovelace?

WTH aren’t we allowed to simply upload a photo/avatar to our user in lovelace? AFAIK one needs to copy the file manually and customize the person in yaml.

I didn’t know that pictures could be added, but yes pictures instead of initials! :+1:

You can already do this @PMaksymiuk though it is slightly more work than just uploading.

Step 1. Copy the image you want to www/images
Step 2. Go to customise entities in the menu and set the newly copied photo as picture_entity. Or alternatively you can create a customize.yaml file and do the following:

  friendly_name: James
  picture_entity: /local/images/james.png

I will suggest using customize.yaml simply because it can set much more than lovelace can.

E.g. the friendly name is persistent everywhere (not just in lovelace) you can also add a fixed icon (so you wont get the default lightbulb icon, even when you open a more-info window. Whereas if it was set in lovelace alone, the icon will only be different in that specific lovelace card and not anywhere else)


  friendly_name: Ceiling
  icon: mdi:ceiling-light

Or force a device type like this:

  friendly_name: James iPhone Battery Level
  device_class: battery

  friendly_name: Kitchen Temperature
  device_class: temperature
  icon: mdi:thermometer

I find the UI way too complicated to do such tasks (especially since it is not sorted by entity but by device name) this way you will save a lot of time.

Hope this helps.

@jimz011As I mentioned, I know it can be done this way. However, I think it would be much better to have a simple “upload” button in the person editor

I saw elsewhere someone hinted at this feature in the upcoming 115 release.

That is correct, image upload for persons have been added to dev, and will be a part of 0.115