WTH can't we view yaml based entity_ids in logbook

I can click on the names of what triggered, but none of the following screens allows me to see what the entity_id is. My automation/scripts/sensors are usually named similar so it’s hard to figure out what is triggering.

Yes they do. Click on the name, then click on the cog. Entities that are ‘not managed’ from the UI will not show an entity_id, but all others will. Maybe this is what you’re looking at? There’s already a few WTH’s related to the ‘not managed’ from the ui entities, maybe this can be added to the list. Possibly show the entity_id but have it non-editable.

Most of what I have is all from .yaml, I was able to see what you mean through a weather integration and yes that’s what I was looking for.

Yeah, that message is just 100% miss leading, hence the other WTH’s about it. But I suggest that you edit your main WTH to reflect this new information. We should be able to see the entity_id even if we can’t edit it.

EDIT: For further clarification, it’s not just logbook that has this issue. That page itself is everywhere and it just needs to show the information instead of a stupid error message.