WTH: Can't we zoom in on the history graph

It happens to me all the time; I just want to zoom in the history graph to get more details about short events. Especially during debugging.

Would be nice to have this kind of trim controls to zoom in:

It also would be great for graphs!

Just a work-around. Since a few versions we can specify a time span in the history tab. I just specify a 10 minute window.

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Would also be nice if you could scrub back in the history, without going to the history tab with all entities…


One feature that is no so obvious… You can click the friendly_name on the title bar to the right of the X. The history window will expand to fill the screen horizontally.


Chart.js had been updated recently in 2021.7 to version 3, which should support zoom features. Does anyone know if there are respective plans to do so? I’m also missing this. It’s possible with openhab, but not yet with Home Assistant :frowning:

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same here, I used to zoom in and out in Domoticz, but here it is still not available unfortunately. Would be great to see this feature in the future :wink:

as francisp said, open the history tab and select the entity and a short time span

can you show it on a screenshot, I really can not find the option to show short time span…

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Changing the time span is possible but it is no more touch-of-the-art

Thanks Hellis81 for idea :slight_smile:
But it would be great if we can select the time frame graphically.

Just saw this custom card, the first step into the right direction. Core potential!