WTH, capital letters - please don’t!

When capital letters are a big NO in yaml and many many people suffer issues due to using them without realising they are a big NO, I struggle to understand the recent decision to capitalise the first letter in the new Ui state picker.

Please remove them as it serves zero purpose and simply adds more confusion.

I am not sure I understand what you are trying to say… which capital letters?

Could you maybe illustrate with an screenshot or a piece of YAML?

Those are translations, not “Capital letters”. The UI is showing it in your language, which matches and is exactly the same as what is shown on, for example, dashboards.

Yeah I understand but I still think it adds confusion for some people as you are picking and showing the state ‘On’ in the Ui when in reality the actual state is ‘on’ and not ‘On’

Not a big deal and must say doesn’t confuse me, but have seen a few post where it does seem to confuse.

The other end of the spectrum was there too, which is what we resolved recently by adding those translations.

People see “On” (or even translated versions like “Aan”) on their dashboards and other places in the UI, and are confused that they have use “on” and not “Aan”.

In the end, the goal of the UI is to provide an understandable interface, that is less advanced to work with.


Understood and thanks for the response :+1:t2:

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