WTH: custom on/off values on history graphs

Creating a new topic for this (x-post from Changing colors of the History-Graph)

Yeah, that would be nice. Especially for sensors of type “problem” the colors feel reversed. Problem = green, OK = red.


I know we are past the month of “What the heck?!” but I would just like to add my vote here. for me, this is because Im red/green colorblind, and the default red/green shades in the history graphs are sometimes really hard for me to tell apart, so easy customization so that i could make it a dark green would be great for usability :slight_smile:

same problem here. can one invert the binary_sensor ?

i didn’t even know that not ALL colors can be customized via themes. well, these red/green strips look really ugly within my beautiful pastel colors theme :frowning:

There! I just added a vote for this. Maybe after over a year this 19th vote will put it over the edge.

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